Millie Bobby Brown Nudes


In 2017, there was a Twitter meme about Millie, who is known for being super sweet and bubbly, suggesting that she was actually homophobic and racist in person. It started with a tweet about her allegedly ripping off a fan’s hijab and escalated to jokes about her running over gay people with a car. This led to confusion about whether she was truly racist/homophobic or if people were just bullying her for fun. Videos of her posing, singing, and being confident were turned into memes, and there were also compilations of her being outspoken in interviews, with some claiming her co-stars disliked her. The homophobia memes have persisted over the years, and recently, when her best friend/co-star came out, there were viral tweets suggesting he should hide from her. Additionally, she faced criticism on Reddit and TikTok for an unscripted kiss with her co-star in the second Enola Holmes movie.

and the question that interests everyone, what did she have with drake? does she have his huge cock in her mouth? and how old was she really back then? Questions upon questions…

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